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Thank you for visiting our page and appreciate your interest in our company. Bravo Maintenance Ltd provides commercial landscaping and snow removal services in the Calgary region. Our services are provided by industry experts, qualified staff members and top of the line equipment to get the job done. If you are looking for a reliable company with a stellar reputation for your commercial services, make sure to be in touch. We offer free consultation and expert advice. In the meantime, you may access many of the resources available online at your disposal. Visit our landscaping/snow removal pages for more information about our services and make sure to check out our pro-tips page.

Protect your business, its reputation and
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Enhance your reputation, stay protected and thrive with a solid exterior maintenance plan.

The smooth operation of a business requires proper planning, efficient management, qualified staff members and protection against losses and perils that can arise against the establishment. While a business owner may have proper planning but hazards and losses are sometimes inevitable. Therefore, it’s mandatory for Canadian Businesses to carry an adequate insurance policy that will have them covered should a professional or general liability claim arise. Claims against businesses may damage their reputation and hinder its ability to operate smoothly. Third parties may have a claim against a business due to harm caused by a business’s environment, malpractice, negligence, mistreatment, or a product carried by the business. Seeking protection from all these areas will require the input of a qualified professional or consultant. While it is humanly impossible to avoid losses and perils, a good prevention plan starts with adequate resources and planning. Landscaping and lawn care reflect on your business. On top of increasing your curb appeal, a well-designed landscape will provide an adequate environment for your visitors to feel safe. Your visitor’s first impression is based on the exterior condition of your building. Debris accumulated in the spring or fall can be hazardous to your clients and be the cause of accidents. Canada is often synonymous with cold and snow. It is therefore no surprise that slip and falls related to snow and ice are a leading cause of injuries during the cold Canadian months.

Some quick facts about injuries in Canada

To put things into perspective, consider the following statistics: According to Statistics Canada, 17 691 individuals died in 2018 due to unintentional and intentional injuries outside of medical complications.

In Canada, in 2018-2019

  • There were 225 208 injury-related hospitalizations (excluding medical complications).
  • Unintentional injuries were the 8th leading cause of hospitalizations among all ages.
  • Falls were the leading cause of injury hospitalization among all ages
  • The cost of injury in Canada is estimated to represent an economic burden of $26.8 billion in 2010.

A vast number of these unintentional injuries arise from unsafe work environments or commercial space. Slip and falls arising from ice and snow represent a huge chunk in these statistics.
The CBC network reports that falls on ice seriously injure Albertans at triple the rate of people in Ontario. The province has seen an average of 42.3 hospitalizations per 100 000 people between 2011-2016 (Statistics Canada). These numbers represent the second highest in the country, right behind Saskatchewan.


Our company is insured with a 5 million dollar liability insurance which surpasses the industry standard of 2 million dollar.


We handpick all of our Contractors and merit them to the same high standards as our own staff.


We monitor weather consistently to ensure you are well taken care of. We stay on top.


Our company is always up to date in terms of WCB


Our fleet includes abundant industry leading equipment, machinery and products to tackle job sites of any size


Every team member has obtained the proper tickets through accredited certification programs and we constantly review safety and efficiency policies.


We use an application to provide our clients constant updates about the status of their job


Every job site has a designated supervisor who is accountable to ensure that the job is to our standards.


We ensure to always stay in communication with our staff and track every movement via GPS.

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